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Posted by SirrLagalot - November 27th, 2020

Yo! as the title said, im Opening commissions for a bit. I will be drawings characters, so I dunno how things works in Newgrounds, but I guess you can dm me here if possible. Otherwise I recommend going to twitter for asking me.iu_201020_7156950.jpg



Posted by SirrLagalot - October 8th, 2020

Heya heyo its me again SirLagalot. For some reason writing on a post makes me feels nostalgic in the old days of deviantart... Anyway, Just an update about some progression in life and what im currently doing right now.

-Basicly, I had to quit my job. Sure it was nice to be working at 2 minutes of walk of destination but it was terrible for my hands. It was reaching a point where it was becoming painful. So I knew I had to leave. So back to square one with job hunting, I'l find something good~

-for what im doing, well im currently pursuing a scripting course on the official course of Unity. Basicly im learning how to script and making small games as I learn how to use the tools given. Im doing some good progress and things gotten much easier to understand and work now! Before that It took me like 15-20 minutes to learn and to just be overloaded for the rest of the day. Its... kinda why theres no drawing for a month lol. Hope you guys have a fun time! and take care as well! iu_177754_7156950.jpg



Posted by SirrLagalot - September 7th, 2020

heyo heyo heyah~ small update about daily life stuff on my end. I am officially living in a new apartment, got my own room, and slowly getting stuff in places. also a new job home too~ sadly its uh, really intense since I havent worked for a while lol. but yeah, I will be a bit slow (I guess slower since I dont really post daily lol ...ehh..) but yeah. I'l try my best to survive my new job, and getting in shape enough to start doing stuff at home. hopefully things will be alright at the end.



Posted by SirrLagalot - November 16th, 2019

Heyo, sorry for the long uhh, absence of posts. Anyway small life update : all good/ working hard.aside that, I decided to make a Pixiv account for posting degenerate content such as scat. I posted the link in the Newgrounds profile so you can find the link there. Otherwise King of fighter allstar is fun, but its very demanding in rubies departement for a f2p as is.



Posted by SirrLagalot - July 30th, 2019

Hello hello~ lagalot here, and just going to update some things for some who are interested about whats happening to me in these sweaty time of the years. So I got clip studio paint ex, and so far its been wonderful to work with. By drawing on my monitor tablet, it feels really great, with no lag and all. sadly with the cost of the new tablet, I cant use photoshop the same way cuz the sensitivity is too clunky.

So yeah sidenote, im still taking my time on drawing, doing a bit of commission here and there, and slowly testing the animation side of clip studio paint ex. I started importing my wip animation to it, and so far I had a blast learning this new program. So yeah have fun you all! Cuz im having a blast~

Posted by SirrLagalot - May 21st, 2019

Hello hello, If anyone heard about me doing an animation (and shown a wip of it), well I just cant progress on it any further. the program photoshop... wasnt technicly made for heavy animation like mine. even if its a 1.30 second of a loop animation it just crash on me. So I'l be investing in clip studio paint EX and a new tablet to work with. So for now I'l focus on drawing illustration and stuff.

Oh yeah. Uh small life update. I found a job and working now. so any progress on art been halted a bit. Been doodling and stuff. Have a good day you all~



Posted by SirrLagalot - December 16th, 2018

a7156950_154501825431_commission_list_2018_v02.jpg Hello everyone! The name Sir Lagalot! But I guess in NG its Sirrlagalot with an extra R. So yeah look at this. DM me if interested.